Pakistan: History and Today – External Factors

Before 1947 Pakistan and India was one country called subcontinent. But that single unit was Hindu dominated country 80% Hindus, 20% Muslims. At that time Britain was occupier of subcontinent. The local Hindus and Britain occupiers were the worst enemies of Muslims (off course still they are, under the umbrella of America’s war on terror). Both of them had made lives of Muslims so miserable that the situation made the Muslims to think of an independent state where they can live and practice their values freely.

When Hindus crossed the limits of cruelty against Muslims, Britain occupiers announced to divide the county in to two states Muslim Dominated areas are for Muslims (Pakistan) and Hindu Dominated areas for Hindus (India), and Britain themselves will have to leave this land.

At that time total 20% Muslims of subcontinent were living in the following Muslims Majority (90 %+ Muslims in a province) provinces:

  1. Punjab
  2. NWFP
  3. Kashmir
  4. Sindh
  5. Balochistan
  6. Bangal (currently Bangladesh)


Provinces above had to be included in Pakistan, Britain Occupiers promised and agreed with Quaid-e-Azam on it. But as Britain occupiers had to leave this land they made a plan so that they can still control this land sitting in London.

To implement the plan they created a dispute of Kashmir between Pakistan and India, It was with the consent of Hindus as Hindus never liked division of single country so that after Britain departure they can rule the country and continue crimes against Muslims. They knew Kashmir is the Life Line for Pakistan as ALL of the rivers of Pakistan start from the mountains of Kashmir. Kashmir’s Hindu ruler accepted to be with India while this partition was clearly on basis of Muslims/ Hindu majority areas and not on the will of rulers.

In 1947 Right after partition of the subcontinent into two parts Pakistan and India, under Britain supervision India sent her army to occupy a province of Pakistan: Kashmir saying its ruler want to live with us. From Pakistan side Quaid-e-Azam asked the Pakistan army general to fight with Indian army and liberate the Kashmir as it was an integral Part of Pakistan. At that time Pakistan’s army general was a Britain and he knew their plan so he refused to fight with Indian army. Then Qaid-e-Azam asked residents of Kashmir and trained Pashtun tribal militias to fight with Indian army and provided weapons for them.  They fought bravely and liberated a part of province (now-days called Azad-Kashmir). When India saw if the Kashmiries continued fighting with same spirit they will liberate whole province. Now India rushed towards United Nations to call for a cease fire, so that India can escape from more shame and do not lose remaining part of province. United Nations said there should be referendum in Kashmir to ask if they want to be with Pakistan or India. Till date UNO is ‘unable’ to implement this decision and Kashmir is still forcefully occupied by India with 700,000 army. They have made 62 dames on Pakistan’s rivers and making Pakistan’s soil infertile due to non-availability of water.

It Britain who created this problem Now it is America who has always benefited from this dispute between Pakistan and India. 50% of American economy run on sales of weapons. If you analyze in history there is American hand in most of the wars in the world so that they can sell their weapons. Note that now America herself is in war with Muslims countries, she is selling less of her weapons and using most her self so now American economy is constantly on decline. Now in 2010 America want a war between Pakistan and India. India has many times repeated 9/11 type drama’s in India and accused Pakistan for this attack and threatened for war but she knows now both are nuclear powers in case of war India will also be wiped out from the map of the earth, but America is brainwashing brainless Hindus that they will stop Pakistan from using nuclear weapons. Let see what happens.

In 1947 on partition Hindus and Britain also did blunders in Finances. Pakistan was very poor when came into being, also Hindus have burnet all the official records necessary to run government of the regions that were announced to be of Pakistan. India never gave assets to Pakistan that was Pakistan’s Right as assets were also divided between the two countries. At that time india’s leader Ghandi was going to meet to world’s leader he has to face shame as they have not given Pakistan its share so he asked the concerning department I will fast till death if you did not gave Pakistan’s financial share to them. Then they gave only 1/4 of what they owe to Pakistan and asked for re-scheduling for the remaining part that Pakistan accepted. That remaining Part Still India owes.

In 1947 as Britain gave some cities of Punjab and Bengal Provinces to India that they have promised to Quaid-e-Azam to give to Pakistan as were Muslim Majority Areas. Muslims who were living those cities were happy they will be in Pakistan and did not think about moving to other area that was to be part of Pakistan. The controversial, and ill-timed, division of the provinces of Punjab and Bengal caused communal riots. When Britain gave those areas to India Hindus started their crimes against Muslims. The same day burnet the whole villages of Muslims. When Muslims stared to migrate from those cities to Pakistan they burnet their Trains. Hindus killed 800,000+ Muslims in 1947 on partition.

In 1965 India attempted and army attack on Pakistan in the darkness of the night even without a notice of war. Pakistan Army (there was no Britain in army now) fought bravely and occupied some cities of India. Now again India become under pressure as it was in 1947 on Kashmir. Again India rushed towards UNO and asked them to call to stop the war. Pakistan Stopped the war. Indian prime minister asked Russia to arrange for a meeting of India and Pakistan prim ministers so that India can ask Pakistan to return their cities that Pakistan has occupied in war in September 1965. Meeting was arranged and Pakistan agreed to return the occupied the area. When Indian prime minister heard this news in Russia he got a heart attack because of extreme happiness and died there. He has never thought even in dream if Pakistan will agree to this.

In 1971 under American supervision India sent her army to Pakistan’s Province Bangal. Bangal is not adjacent to Pakistan it is at the other end of India as: Pakistan——India——-Bangal. To go to Bengal Pakistan needs to fly over India. In addition of sending her army to Bengal India also stopped Pakistan’s Flights over India. In Bangal there were only 45,000 army of Pakistan. At three sides of Bngal there was India and at forth side was a Sea. It was difficult to supply weapons to those army men timely as Pakistan needed to fly over Seri Lanka. America stopped Pakistan to take any action as they said they are sending their marine to help Pakistan against India. American never helped Pakistan and American-Indian joint venture separated Bengal from Pakistan. Pakistan never forgets; as Russia was torn into pieces in Afghanistan by Pakistan similarly now America is in Afghanistan. America will also be divided into countless pieces soon. InshaAllah. No need to struggle about India, due to the cruel nature of Hindus India is facing 17 separates movement inside India from Sikhs, Tamils, low caste untouchable Hindus to name a few, it will lead to the further division if India.

In 1974 India got nuclear Technology from his allies and started threatening Pakistan to destroy. It was the question of survival of Pakistan to become a Nuclear Power to balance the power in the area. Pakistan prim minister called a brilliant Pakistani mind Dr. A. Q. Khan from Germany and gave him a task to make Pakistan a nuclear state, he said though we are not financially strong but we will eat grass and make atomic bomb as its matter of our survival. Dr. A. Q. Khan came back set his team and started experimenting and succeeded in 1979. Pakistan was not finding moral support from other countries to test nuclear weapons but after waiting many many years India provided this opportunity.

In 1998 India tested her nuclear weapons second time and as usual started to threat Pakistan to destroy. So called supper power America tried her best to stops Pakistan from testing but Pakistan tested her nuclear weapons after 17 days of Indian test, it shut up the India and self declared supper powers.

In 2001 When America staged a Drama of 9/11 and used it as a cause to invade Muslim countries, America was to invade Afghanistan first but India and Israel was forcing America to invade Pakistan first. America wanted to have Afghan natural resources and a “land route to control Pakistan and China”. In first round of negotiation Talbaan and America agreed. In second round due to American rigidity on useless point failed the second round. Then Americans decided to occupy Afghanistan. Afghan puppet prime minister was an employee in UNICALL an oil company who gave the idea to get Afghan oil, gas, metals and stones and arranged the negotiation between Afghanistan and Talbaan. Now America has a fully loaded nuclear warship staying in sea very near to the Pakistan province Baluchistan. Baluchistan has world’s Largest Gold and Copper reserves, It also has reserves of gas that are being supplied to all over Pakistan. From last 9 years India, Israel and America with their 50+ allies are in Afghanistan and using Afghan soil to destabilize Pakistan.

All the terrorists’ attacks in Pakistan are Planed by Mosaad (Israel) financed by CIA (America) and executed by RAW (India).

Islamic Republic of Pakistan

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is situated in South Asia at strategically most important location .

Pakistan has:

-1,046 kilometer coastline along the Arabian Sea and Gulf of Oman in the South

-Afghanistan and Iran in the West,

-India in the East

-China in the North


Pakistan came into being on August 14, 1947 (27 Ramadan 1366 in the Islamic Calendar). Great poet of East Allama Iqbal gave the Idea of Pakistan and Quiade-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah turned Allama Iqbal’s dream into reality. Pakistan is at a geographic location that is most important from strategic point of view. In 1947 Pakistan has following 6 provinces:

  1. Punjab
  2. NWFP
  3. Kashmir
  4. Sindh
  5. Baluchistan
  6. Bangal (currently Bangladesh)

In 1948 India tried to occupy Kashmir and sent her 700,000 army in Kashmir, Kashmir is still deisputed territory between Pakistan-India. UNO gave a decision to ask from kashmiries if they want to live with Pakistan or Kashmir But India never accepted this option as she know Kashmiries will opt to go with Pakistan.

In a 1971 Indian-American joint venture separated Bangal from Pakistan.

World Bank refuses to accept Kashmir as Indian Territory. Says ‘NO’ to release funds to India for project in disputed region

WNew Delhi—The World Bank has refused to accept Indian Occupied Kashmir as an integral part of India and has rather insisted upon a disclaimer from the Jammu and Kashmir government that funding for a project will not be seen as recognition of India’s territorial claim on the state.
The agency has put a ‘disclaimer clause’ for bankrolling a key project in the disputed state which indicates that funding of projects in disputed areas should not be used to endorse territorial claims.



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